Bus Routes

Times listed are for regular school days. 

For information about school and bus schedule changes:

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The routes are listed by Bus Animal.  



Route 1

Old Owen Rd, Florence Acres Rd, Bollenbaugh Hill Rd, Woods Creek Rd, Old Pipeline Rd, Reiner Rd

Elementary/ Middle/ High  Time          AM   PM


Route 2

Old Owen Rd, Woods Lake Rd, 123rd St SE, Fern Bluff Rd

Elementary/ Middle/ High Time       AM   PM

Route 3

Marcus St., Maple St., Gohr Rd, Trout Farm Rd, 10th St, Dyer Rd, Skywall Dr

Elementary/ Middle/ High Time       AM   PM


Route 4

Ben Howard Rd, Cedar Ponds Rd, Mann Road, Skyline Estates

Elementary/ Middle/ High Time       AM   PM



Route 5


142nd St, 141st St, 139h St, 138th ST SE, 137th Pl, 124th St, Rosewood Dr, Yew Ave

Elementary/ Middle/ High Time       AM   PM



Route 6

135th St SE/Bryant Rd, Eagle Ridge, Kessler Dr & Perkins Way, Kessler Dr & Merea Ln, Eagle Dr, Cheryl Way, Hiatt Ct, 132nd St SE (Rice Rd)

Elementary/ Middle/ High  Time       AM   PM



Route 7

Startup, Wallace River RV Park, Reese Rd, Kellogg Lk Rd, Old Sultan-Startup Rd, Boys & Girls Club

Elementary Time       AM   PM



Route 8


 399th Ave SE, May Creek Rd, Reiter Rd, US2@ 418th Ave SE, 17th St, 19th St, 13th St,  10th & Lewis, Hwy 2 east of Gold Bar

              Middle/ High Time   AM   PM



RabbitRabbit (combined with Pig Bus)
Route 10

399th Ave, May Creek Rd, Reiter Rd, 415th Ave SE (Picklefarm Rd), May Creek Tracts, Woodhaven Ct. 

Elementary Time      AM  PM


Squirrel Photo

Route 11


Dorman Rd, Big Bend, US2@178th (Green Water Meadows), 17th St, 19th St, 13th St, Hwy 2 East of Gold Bar, Index

Elementary Time       AM   PM




Route 12


No Bear Route at this time:
Big Bend & Green Water Meadows - Please see Duck Route
Dorman Rd (High School/ Middle School) - Please see Rhino Bus

                 Middle/ High Time            AM      PM

rhino Rhino
Route 13

Wallace River Park, Reese Rd, Dorman Rd, 9th and Lewis, 8th & Lewis, 7th & Lewis, 6th & Lewis, 3rd & Lewis, 1st & Lewis, Kellogg Lake Rd, Startup

             Middle/ High Time            AM      PM


Route 14


Big Bend, US2 @ 178th (Green Water Meadows), 415th Ave SE/Pickle Farm Rd

             Middle/ High Time            AM      PM