Due to the Sultan School District adopting a hybrid Schedule this year, our bus routes and times have changed. To find your student's current bus route please log onto your PowerSchool Parent Portal and locate the AM/PM icon at the top of the page. Click on this icon and it will show your student's bus route.

If you already know your students bus route, you can check the pick up and drop off times by clicking on the "Bus Route" tab on our Transportation Website page and then choose the AM or PM for your students bus. If you are having  difficulty locating this information in the PowerSchool Parent Portal or on the District Website please contact your student's school office or the Transportation Department to receive your student's bus route. 

The Whale, Turtle and Dinosaur routes will not be posed on our website. Students on these buses will be contacted directly if any route changes take place. 

We appreciate your patience while we work through these ever-changing times. 



Sultan High School 793-9860

Sultan Middle School 793-9850

Sultan Elementary 793-9830

Gold Bar Elementary 793-9840

Transportation Dept. 793-9820