Seniors & Graduates of 2020

Graduations Requirements for Seniors and those graduating in 2020

3/23/20 the school board voted to suspend the senior project for the graduating class of 2020. This includes those from former classes and juniors graduating with this class.  Seniors who are not eligible to graduate due to lack of credit will need to complete their project next year. 

Must complete 22 credits in the areas of:

o    4 English/Language Arts
o    3 Mathematics (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Honors Advanced Al/Trig or Applied Algebra II)
o    3 Social Studies (1 Social Studies Elective, 1 US History, 1 CWI)
o    2 Science (1 Physical Science and 1 Biology)
o    2 Physical Education (.5 Health and 1.5 PE)
o    2 Career & Technical Education
o    1 Fine Arts
o    5 Elective credits which support the student’s High School and Beyond Plan

* Juniors who are graduating with this class must have 24 credits.

Must complete a High School and Beyond Plan (electronically)

o    Counselors are working on this and will be reaching out to seniors with help from senior advisors

Student must meet one of the 8 pathways established by OSPI:

o    1) Pass State Assessment;
o    2) College Admission Exam cut score (SAT 430/410/ACT 16/14);
o    3) Dual Credit Exam (AP);
o    4) Dual Credit Courses (College in the HS and Running Start);
o    5) High School Transition Course (Bridges);
o    6) Combination of Grad Pathways (any combo 1-5);
o    7) ASVAB with cut score of 31;
o    8) CTE Course Sequence

* Counselors have already met with seniors and discussed pathways and have sent out letters to families

* Class of 2019 and Class of 2020 can use College waiver

3/30/2020 - Updated Guidance for Seniors/AP Students/College in the High School Students

Beginning April 14, 2020, Teachers will have "live" 25 minute lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check with your teachers to acquire information for the lesson.  

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays Teachers will have “live” lessons and the schedule is as follows:





9:00 AM

Dismiss class at 9:25 so they have time to head to next class


9:30 AM

Dismiss class at 9:55 so they have time to head to next class


10:00 AM

Dismiss class at 10:25 so they have time to head to next class


10:30 AM

Dismiss class at 10:55 so they have time to head to next class


11:00 AM

Dismiss class at 11:25 so they have time to head to next class


11:30 AM

Dismiss class at 11:55 so they have time to head to next class


12:00 PM

Bid students a good bye at 12:25 PM and remind them to continue to check in with teachers if they have questions. 

Senior Advisory will meet at 1:00 PM on Thursdays in a zoom meeting with their Advisor.

Zoom Directions for Students.pdf

Zoom (Spanish) Directions for Students .pdf

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