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Update: Device collection

All student laptops and hotspots must be returned by June 19th.

You may return the devices in any of the following three ways:
1) Drop off devices to the schools at the times below
2) Send devices on the lunch delivery busses
3) Drop devices off at GBE/SMS during lunch pick up hours, 10am-12pm.

You can return devices to whichever location is easiest, it does not need to be the school your student attends. Make sure to return all accessories, like mice and chargers, too! Questions? Call our Tech Hotline at (360) 793-9891. 

Gold Bar Elementary:

Students will need access to technology through June 18th for student learning. Gold Bar will be collecting technology on June 19th at the Church parking lot in the morning. Specific times will be shared later.

Sultan Elementary:

Students will need access to technology through June 18th for student learning. Sultan Elementary will be collecting technology on June 18th and June 19th at the office from 9am to 3pm.

Sultan Middle:

Starting June 11th, students may return their devices to the SMS office Monday through Friday, 8am to 3pm.

Sultan High:

Students can return devices to SHS on their assigned days from 8am to 3pm.
Seniors: June 8th: last names A – L, June 9th: last names M – Z, June 10th: LAST CHANCE!
Juniors: June 11th: last names A – L, June 12th: last names M - Z
Sophomores: June 15th: last names A – L, June 16th: last names M - Z
Freshmen: June 17th: last names A – L, June 18th: last names M – Z

IT Support Services


Our dearest Sky Valley, thank you for your support!

 Through our 2018 Technology Levy, we are able to better support our students and staff during this health crisis. Technology Levy funds have allowed our District to set up student Office 365 email accounts  (Spring 2019), ClassLink Single Sign On (Fall 2018), and Canvas (Fall 2019).  Without these systems in place, our ability to support communication and learning opportunities would be extremely limited.

Despite not having take-home student devices purchased (coming 2022!), our IT department is hard at work pulling together temporary student devices for families in need to check out.  We will do our very best to support all families who do not have access to a computer. 

Dave Moon

Director of Technology

Device Support


While our long term goal is to implement 1-1 take home student devices, we are making the most of our current tools to support our students during this time.  

For device support, please call our district COVID-19 Response Hotline: (360) 793-9891

To request a device for your student, please fill out the request and device agreement below.  Initially, we ask only one device request per family (not per student) until we've ensured all families in need has access.  Our IT staff is working hard to put our available devices online for student use and we hope to be able to fill all requests.  

Student Laptop Request and Agreement Form  (login with student district email 6 digit number @ and your computer password)

Please review your School's Technology Responsible Use Agreement in the Student Handbook:

Gold Bar Elementary (pg 6)

Sultan Elementary (pg 51)

Sultan Middle School (pg 29)

Sultan High School (pg 21)

Internet access

Thankfully, our Nation is coming together in this moment of crisis. Many internet and data providers are implementing helpful policies to assure access to internet. Please check with your provider to see what your options may be:

 Entities are not endorsed by SSD and some may have requirements of their own , such as existing customers.

We also know living in a rural area, it is often a struggle to obtain solid internet access.  Our IT staff is in the process of purchasing Internet Hot Spots to check out for families without internet access.  We firmly believe all students deserve equitable access to learning materials and are doing what we can to support you.  Through support of our Tech Levy, we have a limited amount of Sprint hot spots available for check out.   To request, please call our Hotline at (360) 793-9891.  

You may also utilize our free Guest WiFi at our school buildings while maintaining the recommended social distancing.  Additionally, the Sno-Isle Library has informed us their public WiFi network is also available for any visitors outside from 5am-11pm 7 days a week. No password is required. No library card is required. 


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